Digital Art - not as simple as it may seem

My digital artwork is created on a computer, my screen is my canvas and my Apple pen my paint brush.  It is specifically designed to be a printed medium rather than a print of a painting.


This doesn't mean that the computer does all the work, far from it!, I spend as much time painting a digital image as I would with the equivalent painting in a traditional medium.


simplifying what I see to create a painting which has impact and vibrancy, they are an honest representation of what you may see in real life.


The end result is a high resolution, good quality print that gives a contemporary feel.


My prints can be ordered in various sizes, they come unframed (unless you live close enough to Holt for a hand delivered framed version)


A painting mid point, the photo has been removed to show the build up of the layers.

High Quality Paper

I specifically chose a heavyweight paper which has a mottled texture creating a print with strong colours and deep blacks that feel rich and high in contrast.


The texture of the paper enables it to hold more ink and capture the light. It is one of the heavier weight art printing papers. With its weight and strong texture this paper gives my artwork a handmade crafted feel.

A small border is left incase you decide to frame the print at a later date. For ideas on framing please see my framing page.

I am able to print sizes not shown on my website and I am also happy to make alterations to a print, e.g you may want a different colour background or a close up of a certain part. Please use my contact form to make an enquiry